Notes on Data Visualization – D3.js

Below are some links on Data Visualization focused on using D3.js. These links are compiled from the Data Visualization course on Udacity.

Setting up D3.js


  1. An amazing gallery of D3 :
  2. Drug abuse :
  3. NYtimes frequently tweets out their latest :
  6. Mike Bostock
  7. Webkid Portfolio (definitely check it out)

Blogs, Articles and Resources

  7. Preattentive Preprocessing
  8. High-Speed Visual Estimation Using Preattentive Processing
  9. Perception in Visualization
  10. Tapping the Power of Visual Perception
  11. How google uses white space
  12. FiveThirtyEight
  13. Understand javascript with clarity
  14. Mouse events in JS
  15. D3 animation
  16. Add tool-tips to D3.js graphs
  17. D3 tutorials and resources

Resources for Geographical data (GeoJSON, TopoJSON)

  1. Convert to GeoJSON
  3. How to convert Shapefiles to GeoJSON maps 

  4. Geospatial Modelling and Analysis
  5. Let’s make a map
  6. Let’s Make a bubble map
  7. Small multiple maps with D3
  8. Simple D3 maps
  9. Choropleth maps

Charts and Types

  2. chart chooser
  3. When  to use stacked barcharts
  4. Bullet Graphs
  5. Cycle plots
  6. Connected Scatter Plots
  7. Violin Plot
  8. Swarm Plot
  9. Tornado diagram
  10. Chart Design

D3.js based libraries

  1. The most comprehensive list of charting libraries –> Aggregation of D3 based libraries
  2. NVD3 :
  3. Raw Graphs:
  4. Dimple.js :
  5. Rickshaw :
  6. Some common libraries
  7. Vega


  1. All books by Edward tufte
  2. All books by Stephen Few
  3. Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals by Cole Nussbaumer
  4. Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott murray
  5. Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few
  6. Information Visualization, Third Edition: Perception for Design

  7. D3.js in action


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