Checking system specs and useful commands on Ubuntu/debian

Bare with me as I periodically update this list with useful commands for linux (ubuntu/debian).

  1. Check the number of processors: nproc
  2. Check free RAM : free -m for RAM in mb free -g for RAM in gb
  3. Checking ubuntu version on the system: lsb_release -a
  4. Checking the processes running as a tree diagram: pstree
  5. Check resource utilization (like task manager in windows): top
  6. Checking sytem file size: df -ah
  7. Checking file size in directory: du -sh *
  8. Disk partition and disk usage: lsblk
  9. Printing output of a command into a log file: nohup . For eg: nohup lsblk will output the result of lsblk into a log file in the current folder.
  10. Opening the current folder (GUI) from terminal: ​​nautilus .
  11. Checking linux (kernel) verison: uname -a
  12. Show cpu and motherboard details: lshw -class cpu
  13. To check who are all logged into the system: who  or w


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