Running jobs from terminal in background [foreground and pausing]

This post is concerned with running jobs (one or more programs) in foreground and background using just a terminal. Here, I use firefox as an example to demonstrate the same. <username> on screenshots shown below is scrambled for privacy concerns.

Running programs from terminal

You can always run a  job in foreground by typing a command on to the terminal as


But once the program starts we lose the bash prompt. Another way to start firefox is to run the program in background. This will return bash prompt as shown below.
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Setting up tmux with z-shell (zsh) as default

tmux , I would say is one of the finest interface to work on a remote server. But it comes with a boring shell. This post will help you configure zsh as the default shell when logging into ​​tmux.

Step 1 : Install zsh

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install zsh
# check `zsh` version.
# It is prefereable to use a version above 5.0
zsh --version

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